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Thursday June 22nd, 2023

How do I get a free monthly subscription to Netflix?

It’s easy. Pay for your Netflix subscription with your Plutus credit card and you’ll get your subscription paid back into your Plutus account. So the next month, you pay your subscription again with that refund, over and over again. With this card, you can also get other subscriptions such as Spotify Premium, Disney+, Prime, Apple One and other benefits such as cashback of up to €10/month on purchases at Shell, Lidl, etc. You can read how to get this card plus the €10 bonus on the card in my Plutus review.

What’s the catch?

No. The Plutus card with one subscription benefit is free and there is no monthly charge. If you want to use two or three benefits at the same time, you’ll pay an extra €4.99 for the Everyday paid plan, but you’ll still make money because even with the €4.99 paid plan you get two free subscriptions. Plus, you’ll get 3% cashback on any payment made with this card.

What is Netflix?

Netflix is an online video rental service, similar to HBO GO or Voyo. You pay a monthly subscription fee and for that you get access to a library of titles that totals more than 7,000 movies and TV shows in the Czech Republic. The offer changes over time. Only some titles have Czech subtitles or Czech dubbing. You can play the titles either on your computer, on your smart TV or on a smartphone or tablet app.

Netflix subscription

Basic – 199 Kč – you will be able to play Netflix on 1 device at a time and in standard quality (SD) picture
Standard – 259 Kč – you will be able to watch Netflix on 2 devices at once (TV or mobile or computer) and in high quality (HD) picture
Premium – 319 Kč – you’ll be able to stream Netflix on 4 devices at the same time, and in ultra high quality (UHD/4K) picture quality for titles that support it

Netflix registration

You can sign up for Netflix either on the official website or through the official apps for phones and tablets. There are no other places to sign up, so don’t sign up anywhere other than the official sites.


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